Argentina complaint

“Case 4591/10 on charges of genocide and/or crimes against humanity committed in Spain by the Franco dictatorship between July 17, 1936 and June 15, 1977” instructed by Judge Maria Servini de Cubría in the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No.1 Argentina (Buenos Aires), better known as the Argentina Complaint, is the only case open in the world against Franco.

The State Support Coordinator for the Argentina Complaint (CEAQUA) brings together more than 100 associations throughout the Spanish state and aims to promote and publicize the case.

On November 29, 2013 the Council of Ministers  in Spain agreed to continue with the extradition procedure agreed by the Argentine justice against the former policeman Juan Antonio González Pacheco, “Billy the Kid” and the old policeman Jesus Muñecar Aguilar accused of a crime of alleged torture by many.

In December 2013 a second trip to Buenos Aires by complainants who testified before the judge conducting proceedings of the difficulties raised by the Spanish Government for the evidence to be heard in the Argentine consulate by videoconference.