Financial crimes

From Court number 5 of the High Court, Baltasar Garzón was responsible for the investigation of various financial crimes, cases of corruption such as Gürtel, Pretoria as well as other crimes of counterfeiting, specialized Spanish, Italian , Bulgarian, Romanian, Albanian, Chinese (triads), Thai and Nigerian criminal organization activities, among others. In developing these investigations, all national and international investigation mechanisms were coordinated between the different countries concerned, with great success in most cases.

He also made multiple investigations on financial, economic and banking institutions such as the BBVA Privanza case, on utility, agricultural and industrial companies for tax fraud, especially on the Value Added Tax (VAT), the Forum Filatelico case, food fraud (milk quota) and the European Communities fraud as well as other financial issues related to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor: organized crime investigations specifically related to money laundering in Spain and abroad, closely related to the drug issue.