Other crimes

From Court No. 5 of the High Court, Baltasar Garzón was also responsible for the investigation of other crimes against humanity such as: drug trafficking at national and international level, money laundering, counterfeiting, financial fraud of all kinds, urban corruption , bribery, tax frauds and organized crime.

He also promoted the actual development of international legal cooperation through different techniques such as open rogatory commissions allowing joint action by countries which would later become joint investigation teams; temporary renditions; reporting of events in the country concerned, coordination among judges, prosecutors and international organizations for operations to advance simultaneously with countries such as the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Great Britain, Belgium , Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Russia, Albania and Morocco, Switzerland, Finland, Venezuela, Australia, Yemen, Austria, Hungary, Andorra, Paraguay, Canada, Bolivia, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Jersey, The Bahamas, Ireland , Costa Rica, Lebanon, Cyprus, Mozambique or Peru, among others; and with the competent bodies of the UN and EU or the Navy and tax authorities in other countries.